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Working with clients in the helping professions (nurses, doctors, therapists, teachers, social workers etc.) can be hugely rewarding but is also known to incur high rates of emotional exhaustion and stress. Having an effective self-care practice is essential. The importance of self-care practices can affect emotional, cognitive, behavioural and inter-personal functioning.  
Mindfulness practice offers participants the opportunity to move towards greater balance, choice and participation in life. Through the training 

we learn how to bring acceptance and curiosity to all of our experience, thoughts, emotions and reactions and to the situation we are in. This 

can free us up to respond with more clarity and wisdom rather than acting out of habitual patterns. It opens the possibility of working more compassionately with difficulties in life and to choose what is nourishing for ourselves and others. 

One Day Mindfulness Introduction For The Helping Professions:
Personal & interpersonal presence

This one day introductory workshop will provide participants with a theoretical overview and experiential flavour of mindfulness.
It would be suitable for anyone in the helping professions, for example psychotherapists, counsellors, doctors, nurses, social workers, etc.

The workshop will cover the following themes / experiences:
Introduction To A Personal Mindfulness Practice

•    Introduction to Mindfulness – background, theory and experiential exercise of everyday mindfulness; the potential for mindfulness to enhance and transform practice
•    Mindfulness meditations, including breathing, body scanning and movement
•    Doing vs Being modes of mind
•    The Three Minute Breathing Space practice (3MBS): becoming aware of bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions, using the breath as anchor
•    Beginning to integrate practice into daily life
•    The Attitudinal Foundations of mindfulness

Introduction To Interpersonal Mindfulness

•    Introduction to Insight Dialogue (interpersonal mindfulness as a model for interpersonal relating)
•    Applying Insight Dialogue to the helping  setting

Participants will receive bespoke USB devices with mindfulness practices.

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*NEW COURSE* Mindfulness & Presence For The Helping Professions  
This five day workshop will offer a unique opportunity to cultivate your own mindfulness practice in a supportive environment, whilst also 

learning how to use mindfulness in relationships and as part of your work.
The course is suitable for anyone in the helping professions for example psychotherapists, counsellors, alternative therapists, nurses, social workers, teachers etc. 

No previous experience of mindfulness is required, but if you already have a mindfulness practice, this course will help you deepen and expand 

it both personally and professionally.
The course will cover the following themes / experiences:

Cultivating a Personal Mindfulness Practice

•    Introduction to mindfulness – background, theory and experiential exercises of everyday mindfulness; 

     the potential for mindfulness to enhance and transform your practice
•    Mindfulness Meditations including breathing, body scanning and movement.
•    Integrating practice into daily life
•    The Attitudinal Foundations of mindfulness: Acceptance, Non-striving, Patience, Trust, 

     Not Knowing, Non-judging, Letting Go – and how these impact on our lives and client work.

 Interpersonal Mindfulness

•    Introduction to Insight Dialogue – interpersonal mindfulness as a model for therapeutic and personal relating
•    Applying Insight Dialogue in your work setting
Participants will receive bespoke USB devices containing guided mindfulness practices, course notes, articles, and power point presentations.
Learning is mostly experiential with ample opportunity to practice mindfulness and to discuss your progress with the trainers and with the group. There will be short lectures, film clips and a variety of other teaching methods.


TIMES: 10am - 4pm

VENUE: The Light Centre, 114 London Wall EC2M 5QD (

COST: £350 (includes all course materials, coffee and tea)

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CPD certificates will be issued.

Teaching Mindfulness In The Workplace
This innovative eight day course will provide the skills, knowledge and confidence to use and teach mindfulness practices in the workplace with both clients and staff. This course is for those who have completed a four day training in Mindfulness and who wish to develop the skills and knowledge to teach mindfulness to clients and staff.
Our intention is that participants will have:

•    Developed an understanding of mindfulness as an approach through ongoing personal awareness 

     in both formal and informal practices in silence and in dialogue
•    Developed an understanding of the theory of mindfulness and its underpinning of the practices
•    Developed an understanding of the ways of learning and teaching within mindfulness


•    Learning and teaching out of one’s direct experience
•    Trusting the unfolding of the process
•    Your embodiment of mindfulness throughout the process
•    An awareness of ethical considerations

Criteria for accreditation:

•    90% attendance
•    Submission of two assignments one  theoretical  and one based on your personal mindfulness diary
•    Two observed teaching practices
All our clinical courses are accredited by AQA see ACCREDITATION

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Mindfulness Group Supervision
If you are a therapist, health professional or teacher committed to bringing mindfulness based approaches into your work, this group can support you. Our approach is experiential and is an opportunity to deepen your personal mindfulness practice and to explore the clinical or teaching applications for client work with opportunities for sharing difficulties and successes and in so doing gain new perspectives.
Meetings are held monthly and those joining will need to commit to four sessions of two and a half hours each with the view to the group evolving an on-going membership.

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Courses accredited by AQA