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‘Mindfulness and education are beautifully interwoven... When teachers are fully present, they teach better. When students are fully present, the quality of their learning is better. It’s a win-win equation that can transform teaching, learning and the educational landscape.’
Deborah Schoeberlein,  Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness

The research documenting the positive impact of Mindfulness on teaching and learning is fast expanding! Teachers who practise Mindfulness describe themselves as calmer, more productive and creative in the classroom, and experience less stress. Mindful students feel more confident and focused in lessons and have less anxiety around assessments and exams.

We offer bespoke trainings to suit the needs of your classes, whether in a school or college. These courses are designed to train teachers to develop their own mindfulness practice and then to teach simple and effective mindfulness techniques to their students. All it takes is 3minutes per lesson, but the positive effects can last 

a lifetime!

If you would like to know more about the bespoke trainings, email us.

Courses accredited by AQA