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“I really enjoyed your ways of teaching. I’ve felt very safe and not judged, feel I have been given space to be”   

Julie (counsellor)
“I have been able to listen to my ‘wise voice’ and have learnt to respond vs reacting”
Juliet Dwek (therapist)

“Really enjoyed mindful meditation; I found it energising.”
Dave Burke (organisational consultant)
“The training was very balanced between practice, experience & theory”
Debbie Beauchamp (coach)

"I absolutely recommend this (retreat). It really supported the experience of 'being' in a very skilled way."

Ela Manga (doctor)

"Very accesible...Inspiring and motivating."

Kantha Pillay (psychologist)
“It has been a life changing experience for me. Thank you for your training and teachings”
Jeeda Hakim (counsellor)

“[The course] has helped me to reduce stress…I can honestly now say that I am happy to come to work. It has made a huge difference to my life”
Govinda Sampat (teacher)
“The course has made me calmer, happier and enabled me to think more clearly. It’s rejuvenated my life”
Dave Hampton (teacher and head of department)
“I have always been cautious of this type of course, but now I would be more than happy to share it with everyone I know…”
Dominic Maher (student support officer)

"A hugely constructive touched me on a deep level..."

Maria Pournara (counsellor)

" It was my first experience of mindfulness and it had a profound effect..."

Vanessa Attridge (trainee therapist)

"Enlightening, insightful, and practically useful."

Pedro Queiroz (counselling student)